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Friday 25 February 2011

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol 22 18.10.92 YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

Youknow's words : -Well it's the last Friday of the Month & could not think of anything better then to carry on where we left off
Time to Turn to the next chapter

Big Shout Out To Me Old Mukka Mr Dance each & every Time Bro

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol 22 18.10.92 YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

Monday 21 February 2011

Dj Kentaro - Live in Newcastle S_D RM

Had a look round for more info on this was on my HD could not find anything on it ??

Anybody know anything ?

Hip Hop dnb bit of everything really

can be sure of one thing thou ...

Top Notch as ever from Kentaro


Dj Kentaro - Live in Newcastle Stussy_Daz ReMaster

Friday 18 February 2011

Richie Live @ The Prodigy Experience Tiffanys 07.11.92 - YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

Friday Feeling and that man YouKnow Done it yet again

He's pulled out yet another fucking cracker of an exclusive here

YouKnow's Word's

It's late & Mr Youknow needs his Sleep so going to keep it sweet hear is something for the weekend & Believe Me
It's Heavy If you like the back end of 1992 This Is A Must I went to this night & Boy he played a wicked Set

The Mixing 10/10 The Tuneage 10/10


Richie Live @ The Prodigy Experience Tiffanys 07.11.92
YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

Friday 11 February 2011

Richie - Made To Rave Vol.5 1989 StudioTape - YouKnow Exculsive RIP

Friday Feelings come no BIGGER or BETTER than a tape made over 20 years ago !

Ripped by YouKnow as ever top work mukka


Richie - Made To Rave Vol.5 1989 StudioTape - YouKnow Exculsive RIP

Thursday 10 February 2011

Dj Welly - Built From Scratch – Volume 1 (Atribute to the Scratch/Hip-Hop DJ)

A Tribute to the Scratch/Hip-Hop DJ. As most of today’s ‘RAP’ records don’t feature a DJ anymore, I thought it was time to remind people that if it wasn’t for the DJ, then Hip-Hop would not exist! This is a studio mix of Hip-Hop, Nu-Funk and Breakbeat, spliced and mixed together with tonnes of scratching from both myself and the featured DJs in the mix, the criteria for the tracks used in this mix was simple, does it feature a DJ? Or was it made by a DJ? Or is it ‘REAL’ Hip-Hop?

The contribution of the DJ to Hip-Hop and the countless number of dance music genres it has spawned cannot go without recognition and respect!!!

Dedicated to all the vinyl ripping DJs all over the globe! Stay Fffffrrresssshhhhhhhh!

Dj Welly - Built From Scratch – Volume 1

01. DJ Welly – The Real Hip-Hop
02. DJ Welly – Bring The Noise Bootleg Mix
03. Public Enemy – Here We Go Again
04. Sard Boogie – The Standard
05. DJ Defcut – Dynamite
06. Jurassic 5 – Break
07. Z Trip – Listen To The DJ
08. DJ Agent 86 – Big Shot
09. Funk Ferret – Smash Ya Moustache
10. Hermitude – Section Reckin
11. Tal M Klein – Plastic Starfish
12. Katalyst – Uprocking
13. Ruckus Roboticus – How To Handle Grown Ups
14. Aquasky – System 777
15. Sard Boogie – Arctic Tree’s
16. Jurassic 5 – Ignition Sequence
17. Mixmaster Mike – Burn Centre
18. Mixmaster Mike – Shamen’s Lamp
19. Z Trip – Furious
20. Fingathing – Atomic Drop
21. Sard Boogie – Gonzales Ride
22. DJ Defcut – B-Boy Stance
23. Mixmaster Mike – Bangzilla
24. Joby 1 – B-Boy
25. B Side – M Shot
26. D Funk – The Boss
27. DJ Defcut – Rawness
28. DJ Defcut – The Beat I Like
29. Jurassic 5 – Acetate Prophets
30. DJ Welly – Hip-Hop Don’t Stop
31. DJ Mischielf – Flaming Chestrug
32. DJ Premier – UIV3 #8
33. Soopasoul – It’s Just Begun


Wednesday 9 February 2011

DJP - Michael & Me

It's finally here...

Over a year in the making, D.J.P's long awaited tribute to the King of Pop is finally finished.

Several tribute albums were released immediately after Michael Jackson's death, but D.J.P didn't want to jump on the bandwagon and release something without making it worthy of the Gloved One's memory.

This album has been meticulously worked on for over a year. "Michael and Me" is over an hour long, 25 tracks deep, and includes songs spanning Michael Jackson's entire career - as well as clips from "This Is It". And it's mixed as only D.J.P can do it. "This is the Mix!" Preview the whole album here and download it today!



CutMaster Swift: The Missing Mix Volumes No.3

CMS words: Believe it or not it's been over 10 years since I’ve put together a recorded mix which I'm very ashamed to admit, after all it was my mix appearances on the radio, park jams or warehouses that originally establish my reputation well before I officially gained any type of DJ title! This mix is the 3rd in a series I've titled the missing mixes, its my apology to the my real Hip Hop family that encouraged and fuelled my creative ideas throughout the best parts of my career, I hope you all enjoy my selection of music which has always been down to personal taste, a responsibility that most of today's DJ’s seem to have forgotten, we play what we like not for popularity or beacuse we're told too, after all that's the way it's meant to be or what would be the point putting your name to something that everybody else has done before in the same old industry style!?! Finally some of the technical skill I demostrate throughout this mix for the unaware I PIONEERED them 20 + years ago, you’ve just been enforced! Tha En4cers + Imperial mixers = Cutmaster Swift: 1983 till present

CutMaster Swift: The Missing Mix Volumes No.3

1) Dave & Ansil Collins - Double Barel
2) Eric B & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
3) KRS One & Marley Marl - The Teacha's Back!
4) Rick Ross Feat. Jay Z - Maybach Music
5) Mos Def Feat. Slick Rick - Auditiorium
6) Redman Feat. Reddy Roc - Coc Back
7) Wu Tang Clan - Faced Down ft. Streetlife & Killa Sin
8) Evidence & Alchemist (Step Brothers) - Just Step
9) TY - Look 4 Me
10) Farma G - Three Minute Movie
11) MC Mell'O' - A Total Eclipse Of The Art
12) Demon Boyz - Glimity Glamity
13) High Jack - Style Wars
14) Phi-Life Cypher - Cypher
15) London Posse - Money Mad
16) Lee Ramsey - Menace
17) Taskforce & Rawdog - JD On Ice
18) Klahneoff - Murda
19) Rodney P - The Nice in
20) Jehst Feat. - Klashnekoff & Lewis Parker Give it Here
21) Mystro- Round My way
22) Roots Manuva - Witness (1 Hope)
23) Chalie Stark - I Can't 4get About...

Friday 4 February 2011

Dj A-1 - Champion Sound

sent out via twitter by @SpinScaanlous

only up until 11th Feb 2011

Dj A-1 - Champion Sound

1. Intro / Fatman Scoop
2. Be Faithfull (DJ A-1 ver) / Fatman Scoop & Clooklyn Clan
3. Champion Sound / DJ A-1
4. Step Into A World / KRS-ONE
5. The Champ / Ghostface Killah
6. Hold it Down / DJ Jazzy Jeff Feat. Method Man
7. Release Yo’ Delf / Method Man
8. Anti Up - Remix / M.O.P. Feat. Busta Rhymes,Rah Digga
9. Bring Em Out / TI
10. Lets Get Ill / Clooklyn Clan
11. Next Episode / Dr.Dre Feat. Snoop Dogg
12. Uh Huh / Method Man
13. Top Billin - Uh Huh & Richie Scale inst / Audio Two
14. Shock Ones Pt2 - Clap Back inst / Mobb Deep
15. Hands To The Roof / Clooklyn Clan & Stik-E & The Hoodz
16. Oochie Wally / Nas Feat. QB Finest
17. Roc The Mic / Beanie Sigel ft Freeway
18. Paid In Full / Eric B & Rakim
19. Everybody Bounce / DJ Spinna
20. Stand Up - Acapella / Ludacris
21. Summer Break / DJ A-1
22. Summer Time / DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
23. Runnin’ / The Pharcyde
24. Still Telling Lies / Cuban Link
25. Ladyz / Clooklyn Clan
26. It’s Your Birthday - Touch The Sky inst / Nick Cannon Feat. Fatman Scoop
27. Jumpion Sound / DJ A-1 & Fatman Scoop
28. Jump / DJ LBR & Stik-E & The Hoodz
29. Jump Around / House Of Pain
30. Pass The Courvoisier Pt 2 / Busta Rhymes Feat.. P.Diddy & Pharrell
31. Like That / Memphis Bleek
32. Put It Down / Redman
33. Time 4 sum Aktion / Redman
34. Choice Is Yours / Black Sheep
35. Make’em Clap / Big Will Rosario
36. Punjab Money / Busta Rhymes Feat. Ron Browz
37. Jiggy Breaks / DJ Spinbad
38. Up & Down / Clooklyn Clan
39. Can I Get a ..- Put You On The Game inst / Jay-Z
40. Deep Cover 98 - Lean Back inst / Fat Joe Feat. Big Pun
41. Going Back To Cali - How We Do & Deep Cover inst / Notorious BIG
42. Ain’t No Fun / Snoop Dogg Feat. Nate Dogg, Kurupt & Warren G
43. Oh Yeah - Old School Acapella / Stik-E & The Hoodz
44. Its Take Scoop / Fatman Scoop
45. Got To Be Real / Cheryl Lynn
46. Don’t Stop’Til You Get Enough / Michael Jackson
47. Outro / Fatman Scoop


MFTM forum Link

Dj Dance - Piracy Is Theft Vol.20 ( June - Aug 1992 )

Well It's Friday a Youknow What The Fuck That Means Time To Pick Up Where We Left Off


Dj Dance - Piracy Is Theft Vol.20 ( June - Aug 1992 )
YouKnow Exclusive Rip Only @ MixesForTheMasses

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Dj Yoda Loves Cool James - 30 min 1 take mix !

Yoda asked on twitter today for people twweet there fav LLCOOLJ tracks

they did in there masses

then a tweet appears saying

oh shit! I put everyone's ll cool j suggestions in a folder this morning. And my afternoon meeting just got cancelled...u thinkin what i am?

OK only one way to do this: no studio trickery, no samples, no prep work - one take and record LEZZZGOOOOOOO

So MFTM peeps i give you ( link from man himself ! )

Dj Yoda Loves Cool James - 30 min 1 take mix !

Z-Trip - RedBull Stage 05-25-09 (1h13min Set)

Rare Z-Trip Live Set From soundboard source

Z-Trip doing his thing BIGTIME !

Found this but took ages to DL so have done a bit of a master and upped on MU

GET ON IT & Enjoy


Z-Trip - RedBull Stage 05-25-09 (1h13min Set)
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