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Friday, 30 October 2009

Dj Nipper - BOXED96 Hacienda Classics 88-92

All time classic mixes from nipper
as the cover says from 88 92 the great club that was Hacienda classic oldskool house rave hardcore call it what you want this is mixed scratched cut up like its ment to be in my eyes !
have a good weekend all
thats just over a week blog been going now nearing 550 visits...this blog is for like minded people and if people want to send me links to sets i will up them...the more help the more sets...ball is in your court mix lovers !!

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Freestylers - Rough Technique - Vol 1 - MFTM Exclusive

Freestylers - Rough Technique - Vol 1 - MFTM Exclusive
Mix cd from 98 another head a nodding toe a tapping mix !

Electro Science - The Freestylers Mix CD

Get out ya 6X6 square of vinyl flooring today
BBOY all the way !
2 RARE ( 1 MFTM Exclusive ) Freestylers Mix CDs
This one is
Electro Science - The Freestylers Mix CD
Class mixing and cracking record selection

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Dj Sy The Scratchmasters Revenge

last of the dj sy fest today
another cracking mix from the scratchmaster !
cheers to ironman for the linkage !

Dj Sy The Scratchmasters Obession

Posted the jungle mix last week
these are the other 2 mixes from the pack for you bzrwon
enjoy !
heads up to jmj from the dnb forum for the linkage on these two !
links in comments again

Dj's Sy, Vibes Seduction - The Retro Mixes Volume 1

this is an update to a post from last week
turns out the dance planet mix which i thought was from 92 is a cd from a triple pack
this is the full sy mix and the other 2 mixes as well
thank you very much to dunfyboy for heads up and links !!
links in comments as blogger playing funny buggers !

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Superstyle Deluxe - Sugar Coated Stylus Pops vol 1

i know this will be else where on the web
but what the hell
is one of the best bigbeat breaks scratching mixes i have so will share it anyway !

Dj Sy - ScratchMasters Night - Club Kinetic - 92

Guess what ...
More oldskool goodness
coz its my blog and i f#####g love a dam good oldskool scratching set !!!
Dj Sy - ScratchMasters Night - Club Kinetic - August 92
work still manic so will upload what i can ....

Monday, 26 October 2009

4 Decks & Alot Of Scratching ! 91-92 - MFTM Exclusive

The Unknown Dj Demo - 92 - MFTM Exclusive

will only be 2 sets today as well as snowed right under !
both sets are by unknown dj's from 91 - 92 ear
both oldskool rave hardcore
both ripped by me
if you like hype / sy from 91 92 then all i can say is get these two sets
i will let the comments from other'S tell you how good they are rather than me ranting on

Friday, 23 October 2009

Fatboy Slim - On the Floor at the Boutique

Well this will be the last post today and of the first week of MFTM,
Dont know if i will keep the 5 posts a day up for much longer !
we'll see what feedback i get over the weekend !
Anyway on with the mix
Nice mix from the old big beat master that was
Fatboy Slim
On the Floor at the Boutique

Essential Mix 4 - Dj Jon Carter - MFTM Exclusive

This is a hidden gem that i will know 99% of people will have missed !!
if you are liking this blog all i can say is
just check the track list ! dnb hip hop oldskool rave breaks need i go on !

Essential Millennium - Fatboy Slim - MFTM Exclusive

bigbeat dance hip hop abit of everything chucked in here !
nicely mixed by norman cook no less !!!
Have The Other Disks
If you want em join forum

DJP - Michael Jackson Tribute (Unfinished)

Another legend here !
pity this mix not finished but here is a 15 minute treat for you !!
GET THIS !!!!!!

DJ AM - Live on Power 106FM 29.12.05 - MFTM Edit !

In my eyes this guy was a LEGEND !
taken from us way to early RIP Bro
this set has been about for along time but in two parts...i have cut and joined the two parts to make one file ( seemlessly joined if i do say so myself !!! )
Enjoy !

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Dj Yoda - Shmurntable

Dj Yoda - Shmurntable
Another Rare Yoda Mix from 200?

if people are liking what i'm doing please let me know via Cbox or email coz if its not working from people i will stop before i go any further .. Peace Out Till Tomorrow .. Daz

Dj Yoda - Funky Monkey

Dj Yoda - funky monkey
Yep You Guessed it MORE YODA !
RARE mix from 200? this ( and the next post ) are both more hip hop mixes than you get from yoda these days Right up my street !!! Enjoy !

Dj Sy @ Dance Planet Studio 92

well another little bit of history here for you
the legend that is Dj SY doing what he did best ( before he started playing all that happy hardcore shite ! ) mixing cutting and scratching classic oldskool
one of the best tapes i have .... just wish i had more of it !!!

Cut La Roc - Live On The Breezeblock

King of scratching big beats Mr Cut La Roc from Radio 1's Breezblock back in 98 ( i think !)

this mix has prob been posted before but what the hell its an hours worth of brillantance !


MFTM Exculsive - Krafty Kuts @ Big Beat Boutique

Start today with a MFTM Exculsive rip from 98!
Recorded live at the Big Beat Boutique, Brighton
I give You Mr Krafty Kuts !
( All links now under comments )

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dj Yoda @ The FunHouse 01.09.09

I'm a self confessed YODA freak have as many sets as i can find from the great man himself, have been collection his sets / tapes / cd's from 2004.. if anybody out there has any yoda sets please shout and let me know what you have as i might just be asking for an upload or two.... anyway here is my rip of yoda on the funhouse from 01.09.09 is yoda spinnging new and classic hiphop with his own styleeee added !! enjoy

Badder Than Bad - Micheal Jackson Tribute Mix By Dj Emir

cant say i know a great deal about this chap
only reason i hunted this set down was soembody asking on z-trips forum if it was worth paying for a mix cd
why not get it and answer the question in you own minds ....

Dj Sy - The Scratchmasters Obsession - Jungle

well this will be it for today

start of a new era in the blog world

this blog will be for all kinds of mixes ( not unlike the old mixsetblog lololol cheers andy me ol mukka ) that i like and think are worthy of people getting hands on

anylinks help anything etc please mail me

so another bit of oldskool action and this is in the form of Dj Sy

Dj Hype - Fantasy FM - Studio Tape 91-92 - AKA DJ Hype - Stufenbau Ittigen Switzerland (92)

Another bit of class oldskool !!! Enjoy

Dj Hype - The Future Is Ours - Fantasy FM 1990

Lets start of with one of my fave of all time

Dj Hype - The Fuuture Is Ours - Fantasy FM 1990

Studio set from the man himself class pure class if you like oldskool rave music and you turntable skillz matter to you then get on this

First Post

well i'm finally starting a little space of my own.....

will post mixes that i like and want to share over time

peace out

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