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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Freddy Fresh - Trainspotters Dream MasterMix Part 1

Over 187 Tracks in 70 Minutes !

Anybody want it ?

Anybody ?

Oh OK as its Christmas

Lil Louis - House & Disco Mix [StudioMixTape Chicago '90] S_DRM

Louis Burns aka Lil' Louis is one of the founding fathers of House Music and produced some of the most well-known tracks in the late eighties and early nineties: French Kiss, biggest selling dance track ever with 6 million copies sold, I Called U, Blackout, Club Lonely,... just to name a few. These tracks are so iconic and awesome that there can hardly be a club night without playing one of these. 

Lil Louis is also a fantastic DJ, and the mix I'm presenting here is a great House and Disco mix from 1990, including classic disco tracks such as Is It All Over My Face by Loose Joints and some house classics such as We're Rocking Down The House by Adonis, etc. Watch how he brings in Dirty Talk near the end of the first tape! Another highlight is how he plays the Black Betty remix by Ben Liebrand and then proceeds into Dinosaur L's Go Bang. Fabulous!

Found it on the web ( one of many places HERE ) as u will see nicked there artwork & words LOLOLOLOL

but quality was shocking

so touched it up a little ' ooerrrrrr misses '

S this will porb be my last post on Blog before Xmas will make it so everyone can grab it

Merry Christmas from the MFTM Crew S_D

Lil Louis - House & Disco Mix [StudioMixTape Chicago '90] S_DRM

all I ask is you click like on the Brand New 

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Friday, 9 December 2011

Dj Nipper Day - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Nothing new set wise here (none of Rips are mine so thank you to orig Ripper's ) by Nipper
i have cleaned em all up
in the folder you will find

Nipper & Carl Cox @ Amnesia '91
Nipper & Love Decade @ Atmosphere 5 '91
Nipper @ Legendary 3 '90
Nipper, Welly & JFMC @ Maestro '95
Nipper Interview 2008

make sure u grab the interview as still makes me piss myself !

& for non MFTM Forum Members

Thursday, 8 December 2011


P.F.M. Mayhem [Mike Bolton] - StudioMixTape '90 S_DRM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Fabio @ The Eclipse Late Summer '91 S_DRM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Unknown Studio Tape '91 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Mixmaster Max Vol 16 - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Brockie @ Kool Fm Dec '92 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

(Happy 20th to KoolFM !)

Energy FM - The Iceman Dec '93 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Unknown DnB StudioTape '94 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

MixeForTheMasses Bring's You The Exclusive MFTM Birthday RIPS 89 - 94

Well the forum is 2 years old today !

so hw do we mark this occasion 

I know YouKnow and Chicknesh putting out a bunch of Exclusive RIP's

staring from '89 going throu the years to '94

Hold Tight MFTM Crew !

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dj Demo [Swansea, Wales UK] Radio1 Rap Show - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Swansea's Finest Cutting and Scratching from 96/97ish ?

nice1 Chicknesh !

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Z-Trip Live @ Voodoo Music Experience [2011] - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Not seen this on web as yet but Im guessing is out there somewhere
anyway Enjoy !

Cashmoney Radio 1 Rap Show - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Brand new 90 min RIP from man like Chicknesh
Sure this could be on the web already but hey ho
Cash Money Doing What Cash Money does best !!!!
Check the last 20 mins of this RIP Got
Melle Mel & Whippy Freestylin'

Happy Second Birthday MixesForTheMasses Blog & Forum

Well bit late for the blog as that became 2 years old back in Oct !
but the forum is 2 years old on the 8th of Dec 

so in true MFTM style there will be some BIG sets being put out this week from the men like
YouKnow & Chicknesh

Thanks to everybody that gets stuck in in the forum you have made it what it is
not the Biggest 
not the Best
not Number 1

just a little forum with plenty of music for the mixtape heads out there

nice1 to all of you S_D
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