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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lil Louis - House & Disco Mix [StudioMixTape Chicago '90] S_DRM

Louis Burns aka Lil' Louis is one of the founding fathers of House Music and produced some of the most well-known tracks in the late eighties and early nineties: French Kiss, biggest selling dance track ever with 6 million copies sold, I Called U, Blackout, Club Lonely,... just to name a few. These tracks are so iconic and awesome that there can hardly be a club night without playing one of these. 

Lil Louis is also a fantastic DJ, and the mix I'm presenting here is a great House and Disco mix from 1990, including classic disco tracks such as Is It All Over My Face by Loose Joints and some house classics such as We're Rocking Down The House by Adonis, etc. Watch how he brings in Dirty Talk near the end of the first tape! Another highlight is how he plays the Black Betty remix by Ben Liebrand and then proceeds into Dinosaur L's Go Bang. Fabulous!

Found it on the web ( one of many places HERE ) as u will see nicked there artwork & words LOLOLOLOL

but quality was shocking

so touched it up a little ' ooerrrrrr misses '

S this will porb be my last post on Blog before Xmas will make it so everyone can grab it

Merry Christmas from the MFTM Crew S_D

Lil Louis - House & Disco Mix [StudioMixTape Chicago '90] S_DRM

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