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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

LTJ Bukem - Uknown Set Late '94 YouKnow Only @ MixesForTheMasses Exclusive Rip

YouKnow been up to his old tricks again
Pulling yet another Exclusive never ripped before Tape
they don't come much bigger than LTJ Bukem do they !!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Richie - Electric Dance Vol. 8 - StudioTape '92 - YouKnow Only @ MixesForTheMasses Exculsive

YouKnow Done it YET Again !

Do You Feel What I Am Feeling ??
That's Right Crew It's Friday & You Know Your Fix's For The Weekend Start's Here Right Now :blob6:

What Can Say Other Then BIG BAD & HEAVY & If 1992 Is Your Ting Then Step Right Up & Take Your Ticket To Ride

10/10 What Else Can I say Rude Boy


YouKnow Only @ MixesForTheMasses Exculsive

Thursday, 9 June 2011

DJ A-1 is a ROCK STAR!

DJ A-1 is a ROCK STAR!

1. Intro / DJ A-1
2. Purple Haze / Jimi Hendrix
3. Lyla / Derek and the Dominos
4. Magic Carpet Ride / Stephen Wolf
5. Born In The U.S.A. / Bruce Springsteen
6. Rock! Rock! Till You Drop / Def Leppard
7. Sweet Child O’ Mine / Guns N’ Roses
8. Nazareth / Hair of the Dog
9. Livin’ on a prayer / Bon Jovi
10. Round And Round / Ratt
11. Rock You Like A Hurricane / Scorpions
12. I Was Made For Loving You / Kiss
13. You Shook Me All Night Long / AC/DC
14. Don’t Stop Me Now / Queen
15. When The Levee Breaks / Led Zeppelin
16. Spirit Of The Radio / Rush
17. Money For Nothing / Dire Straits
18. Poison / Alice Cooper
19. Heat of the Moment / Asia
20. Jump / Van halen
21. Anyway You Want It / Journey
22. Rock Bottom / UFO
23. I Wanna Be Sedated / The Ramones
24. Paranoid / Black Sabbath
25. Come Together / The Beatles
26. Voodoo Child / Jimi Hendrix
27. Whole Lotta Love / Led Zeppelin
28. Kickstart My Heart / Motley Crue
29. Master of Puppets / Metallica
30. Holy Wars / Megadeth
31. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? / Creedence Clearwater Revival
32. Here I Go Again / Whitesnake
33. Cherry Pie / Warrant
34. Pour Some Sugar on Me / Def Leppard
35. We Will Rock You / Queen
36. Sad But True / Metallica
37. Blow Your Speakers / Manowar
38. Back In Black / AC/DC
39. Tom Sawyer / Rush
40. Juke Box Hero / Foreigner
41. Paradise City / Guns N’ Roses
42. I Remember You / Skid Row
43. Without You / Motley Crue

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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jaguar Skills and his amazing friends - MFTM WebRip

Jaguar Skills and his amazing friends step in for Kissy with an amazing electro mix!

Our favourite Jump Up Electro DJ Kissy Sell Out is away tonight, but do not fear as Jaguar Skills and His Amazing Friends step in and provide an amazing 2 hour electro mix!
Jaguar Skills rules the mix with a little help from some friends: DJ At War, Taku Takahashi, A Skillz, Funtcase, Union DJ's, Kamuki, Rory Lyons, Modstep & Krafty Kutz.
Loads of upfront electro sounds plus the Beat Boxing Hobbit and Vernon Kay playing a rapping version of 'Name That Game show'...

this is on the Iplayer until tomorrow then will be gone forever BUT WILL IT .....

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