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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Freddy Fresh - Trainspotters Dream MasterMix Part 1

Over 187 Tracks in 70 Minutes !

Anybody want it ?

Anybody ?

Oh OK as its Christmas

Lil Louis - House & Disco Mix [StudioMixTape Chicago '90] S_DRM

Louis Burns aka Lil' Louis is one of the founding fathers of House Music and produced some of the most well-known tracks in the late eighties and early nineties: French Kiss, biggest selling dance track ever with 6 million copies sold, I Called U, Blackout, Club Lonely,... just to name a few. These tracks are so iconic and awesome that there can hardly be a club night without playing one of these. 

Lil Louis is also a fantastic DJ, and the mix I'm presenting here is a great House and Disco mix from 1990, including classic disco tracks such as Is It All Over My Face by Loose Joints and some house classics such as We're Rocking Down The House by Adonis, etc. Watch how he brings in Dirty Talk near the end of the first tape! Another highlight is how he plays the Black Betty remix by Ben Liebrand and then proceeds into Dinosaur L's Go Bang. Fabulous!

Found it on the web ( one of many places HERE ) as u will see nicked there artwork & words LOLOLOLOL

but quality was shocking

so touched it up a little ' ooerrrrrr misses '

S this will porb be my last post on Blog before Xmas will make it so everyone can grab it

Merry Christmas from the MFTM Crew S_D

Lil Louis - House & Disco Mix [StudioMixTape Chicago '90] S_DRM

all I ask is you click like on the Brand New 

MixesForTheMasses Facebook Page

Friday, 9 December 2011

Dj Nipper Day - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Nothing new set wise here (none of Rips are mine so thank you to orig Ripper's ) by Nipper
i have cleaned em all up
in the folder you will find

Nipper & Carl Cox @ Amnesia '91
Nipper & Love Decade @ Atmosphere 5 '91
Nipper @ Legendary 3 '90
Nipper, Welly & JFMC @ Maestro '95
Nipper Interview 2008

make sure u grab the interview as still makes me piss myself !

& for non MFTM Forum Members

Thursday, 8 December 2011


P.F.M. Mayhem [Mike Bolton] - StudioMixTape '90 S_DRM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Fabio @ The Eclipse Late Summer '91 S_DRM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Unknown Studio Tape '91 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Mixmaster Max Vol 16 - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Brockie @ Kool Fm Dec '92 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

(Happy 20th to KoolFM !)

Energy FM - The Iceman Dec '93 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Unknown DnB StudioTape '94 S_D RM - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

MixeForTheMasses Bring's You The Exclusive MFTM Birthday RIPS 89 - 94

Well the forum is 2 years old today !

so hw do we mark this occasion 

I know YouKnow and Chicknesh putting out a bunch of Exclusive RIP's

staring from '89 going throu the years to '94

Hold Tight MFTM Crew !

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dj Demo [Swansea, Wales UK] Radio1 Rap Show - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Swansea's Finest Cutting and Scratching from 96/97ish ?

nice1 Chicknesh !

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Z-Trip Live @ Voodoo Music Experience [2011] - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Not seen this on web as yet but Im guessing is out there somewhere
anyway Enjoy !

Cashmoney Radio 1 Rap Show - MFTM 2nd Birthday Mixes

Brand new 90 min RIP from man like Chicknesh
Sure this could be on the web already but hey ho
Cash Money Doing What Cash Money does best !!!!
Check the last 20 mins of this RIP Got
Melle Mel & Whippy Freestylin'

Happy Second Birthday MixesForTheMasses Blog & Forum

Well bit late for the blog as that became 2 years old back in Oct !
but the forum is 2 years old on the 8th of Dec 

so in true MFTM style there will be some BIG sets being put out this week from the men like
YouKnow & Chicknesh

Thanks to everybody that gets stuck in in the forum you have made it what it is
not the Biggest 
not the Best
not Number 1

just a little forum with plenty of music for the mixtape heads out there

nice1 to all of you S_D

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

DJ AM - Mixes

Always been a massive DJ AM (RIP) Fan

I had 99% of the these mixes

but thought i would share with the MFTM Crew

Friday, 18 November 2011

The Lost Yaman Techno Mixes Vol's 1 & 2 LTJ Bukem & Bailey '91

The Lost Yaman Techno Mixes

So these were put on the Yaman facebook page 

last night by a chap named Kingsley Hyam who used to work for yaman

very very early Bukem & Dj Bailey

The users in Yaman group were not even aware of these being made !!!

so RARE shite right here !

I've not even played them yet 

just done the S_DRM bizz on em both for the MFTM Crew

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Nicky Blackmarket - Mix ?? StudioMix '93

If you follow MFTM then you will know that my all time fav tapes are the

Nicky Blackmarket Record Shop Mix Tapes He used to put out

well only gone and down it again

another one from 1993

enjoy !

Friday, 4 November 2011

Dj Dance July 1992 Studio Tape

this was added last montgh

oops shoulda put it on blog long time ago

sorry YouKnow

Well It's Friday & It's Mr S_D Birthady As Well So You know That Can Only Spell's One Thing Time To Dig Deep

Out Comes This Tape From Mr Dance From Back In July 1992 This Little Gem Has Been Playing Around In My Brain All Week This Was Not Part Of The Piracy Is Theft Volumes So This Never Got Released I Think It Was Just A Tape He knocked Up For Himself Well What A Set & When You Think Your Heard It all Booom


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

StuC4C OldSkool Mix

I don't put many links up to ' NEW ' OldSkool Mixes
but i had to on this

StuC4C aka Stu Perkins ( Hype Rips on blog )

top fucking notch stuff this !!

1.Renegade Soundwave - Probably A Robbery (Turntable Scratch Mix)
2.Tuff Crew - She Rides The Pony
3.Tuff Crew - My Part Of Town (Remix)
4.Index - Give Me A Sign
5.Information Society - Running (Instrumental)
6.Nexus 21 - Still Life Keeps Moving
7.Delusions Of Grandeur - Touch Me In The Night (Frankie Bones Brooklyn Mix)
8.Wood Allen - Aiport 89
9.New Blood - Touch Me (Club Edit)
10.Big Daddy Kane - Another Victory
11.The Octagon Man - Free-er Than Free
12.Depth Charge - Depth Charge (Drum Death Version)
13.Llyod Owes Me A Packet - Keep It Up
14.JVC Force - Strong Island (Instrumental)
15.2 Men On A Trip - You Make Me Feel (Get Funky) (Get Stupid Mix)
16.N Joi - Techno Gnagsters
17.Silver Bullet - Bring Forth The gullotine (Dj Beats)
18.Charles B - The Lack O f Love
19.The Beat Club - Security
20.Hasheem - Al Naafiysh (The Soul) (The Musto & Bones Reconstruction)
21.House Syndicate - Jam The Mace
22.Mental Mayhem - Where Are They Hiding
22.S.L Troopers - Movement (Instrumental)
23.Hardnoise - Untitled
24.808 State - Cubik (Kings Country Dub)
25.Frank De Wulf - Darkness Revisited
26.Inteligent Hoodlum - Arrest The President
27.Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid
28.Cybertron - Clear
29.Rhythm Is Rhythm - Drama
30.Direct - Techno Gone Mad
31.Joe Smooth - Promised Land
32.Bobby Konders - Nervous Acid
33.Terry Hunter - Madness (Armando's House Mix)
34.Ace & Action - Letter To The Better
35.KLF - What Time Is Love (Moody Boys Rmx)
36.Mental Cube - Chile Of The Bass Generation
37.The Shamen - Move any Mountain (The BonesBreak MasterMix)
38.Sha-Lor - My Love Has Gone Away (Frankie Bones Belguim Freestyle Mix)
39.Project 86 - Industrial Bass (Backroom mix)
40.Clubland Feat Quartz - Lets Get Busy
41.Lee Marrow - Pain
42.Ital Rockers - Itals Anthem
43.Shawn Christopher - Another Sleepless Night (Redzone Mix)
44.Masters Of The Universe - Space Talk
45.Tony Scott - Thats How Im Living
46.4 For Money - Its A Moment In Time (Rising High Dub)
46.Hijack - The Badman Is Robbin
47.C'hantal - The Realm (Bonus Break)
48.MeatBeat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
49.Language - Renegade
50.LFO - Brainstorm Pt1

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Blog On The Block

So Stone Roses Back Together
well me ol mukka HV has started a new Stone Roses Blog with shite loads of
RARE live recordings, Bootlegs and other Rarities
get ya arses over and check it


Friday, 21 October 2011

Dj Dance Super Series FreeBee Early 1991 - 400th MFTM Exclusive RIP

BOOM! yes you read that right
400th MFTM Exculsive
that's 400 sets nowhere BUT HERE !!!

and YouKnow the man to pull yet another BIG set from BITD out his sack !

enjoy MFTMer's

Monday, 17 October 2011

Eclipse Promotions Brings You The Reunion 07.04.2012

Well Eclipse Is Back & Going & On Tour With Tunes By The SeaSide It All Kicks Off On The 07.04.12 @ The Atlantis Arena Which Has A 1800+ Capacity The Line Up Is Not Confirmed Yet But A Few Name's Have Slipped Through The Net Like Kenny Ken, Ltj Bukem ,Richie ,Jam.Master.Jay To Name But A Few There Is Going To Be 4 Rooms Running So I Am Sure There Be Something For Everyone 

It's Going To Be A Road Block So Don't Delay Ticket's Go On Sale In January & It's Sure To Be A Sell Out So Grab Them Tickets Quick I Will Update This Page As More Info Comes Through

Eclipse Promotions Brings You The Reunion

Thursday, 13 October 2011


words direct from man himself via his website:-

This past September I had the pleasure of touring Japan yet again (stopped counting how many times I’ve gone after about a dozen). I had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and DJ in some new cities, namely Okayama & Toyama. I was also psyched to be able to go back and play in some familiar places like Tokyo & Niigata. Great food, great people, great tunes. Thanks goes out to Club AIR (Shibuya, Tokyo), Club Mairo (Toyama), Sound Bar Mars (Okayama), and Club Seven (Niigata). Check out the live mix I recorded while I was out there. Also, here are some links for videos and photos from the tour. Thanks as always for the support guys!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Mayhem - Studio Mixtape '91

Funny i ripped this years ago and thought i had upped it but was never upped as the sound quality is shite

that was before started cleaning sets up :notworthy: 

so here it is :thebirdman: 

have to say first 45 mins came out good :thumbleft: 

second half is still pretty shite :cussing: 

but great set this :thumbright: 

i have no info on mix ? anybody ? :dontknow: :dontknow: 

Mayhem - Studio Mixtape '91

Nipper - Rare Atomic Tuna Soup Cutz One

Nipper Studio Styleeeeeeeee :thumbright: 
1. War of the worlds intro
2. Various Hip hop snippets cutup
3. Sined Rosa - I Dont Know What it is
4. India - Lover who rocks you all night (accapella)
5. Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Change the track
6. Beltram - Energy Flash
7. House of Venus - Dish & Tell
8. House of Venus "flying Carpet Ride"
9. Photon Inc - Generate Power (accapella)
10. Chopped Up Hip Hop Beat
11. Kraze - The Party (accapella)
12. Paradise Orchestra - Satisfy Your Dream
13. Evolution - Metropolis (sashas cant stop this feeling mix)
14. Rhythm Nation - One Night In Paradise
15. Ellis in Wonderland - Good Beat
16. Havana - Schtoom
17. New Order - Confusion (accapella)
18. Queen Latiffah - 2 Da Bone (accapella)
19. Think Tank - Hack One (2 copies)
20. Lisa B - Fascinated (accapella)
21. Nation 12 - Listen to the drummer
22. Morpheus sample (named Matrix does brr stick em)
23. Think Tank - Hack One (named party time cutz)
24. FPI Project - Risky
25. Sharada House Gang - Its Gonna Be Alright
26. DJ Nipper - Dope Disco Jam (samples king bee) 
27. And the Beat Goes On
28. JT Company - Dont Deal With Us (Piano-Apella)


Nipper - Classic Hip Hop MixTape '94 (90mins)

yes you read that correct NIPPER

and yes that NIPPER

knew i had this on HD and looked round web and could not see it anywhere so here it is for the MASSES

well nipper does what nipper does best on this

classic hip hop mixed scratched up like only nipper can !!!

enjoy :thumbleft: :salute: :thumbright:

Gonna try and get a TL from Nipper if i can hunt him & Fred Dibnah Down

if you want the password then join the forum bouyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !


Jam Master Jay @ The Eclipse 15.02.92

A Clean Up of a set added when the Forum just got started

Upload and RIP By YouKnow AS EVER !

and no not JMJ of RUN DMC Fame the other one

Friday, 23 September 2011

Dj Dance - Piracy Is Theft Volumes Thread & More

So if you have used this blog before you will know YouKnow has put up some Dj Dance sets
well Youknow has now spent a fair amount of time ( double what he should have thanks to somebody that will rename nameless deleting his orig thread !!!) OK was ME ! SORRY !
anyway there are 25 Piracy is Theft Studio sets in this thread as well as other rare sets and studio sets nice1 as ever YouKnow

Doc Scott @ Dance Trance 1992

Well This Is Confusing :dontknow: The Tape Had Dance Trance Writen On It But Only Dance On One Side & Trance On The Other & To Make Life Harder It Had No A+B Side Marked On It & If I Remember Right There Was 2 Promotions Out There @ The Time That Had The Same Name I.E Dance Trance & Trance Dance & To Tell You The Truth They Don't Pay Me Any Money Here So I Don't Care About The Above Shit 

Anyway I Had A Look Around @ What Doc Scott 1992 Set's Are About & I Came Blank On This !!!!

So MFTM Friday Is Here 


Doc Scott @ Dance Trance 1992

2 Unknown Dj's Live @ Cromer Pit 1990

It's Friday Crew & youknow what that means 


2 Unknown Dj's  Live @ Cromer Pit  1990 

Unknown Live @ Some Rave 1991

Thats All I Can Say On Info The Tape Just Had Live @ 199! It Was A New One On Me If That Help's 


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