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Friday, 23 September 2011

Doc Scott @ Dance Trance 1992

Well This Is Confusing :dontknow: The Tape Had Dance Trance Writen On It But Only Dance On One Side & Trance On The Other & To Make Life Harder It Had No A+B Side Marked On It & If I Remember Right There Was 2 Promotions Out There @ The Time That Had The Same Name I.E Dance Trance & Trance Dance & To Tell You The Truth They Don't Pay Me Any Money Here So I Don't Care About The Above Shit 

Anyway I Had A Look Around @ What Doc Scott 1992 Set's Are About & I Came Blank On This !!!!

So MFTM Friday Is Here 


Doc Scott @ Dance Trance 1992


Gustav North said...

Thx , I have a question to DJ's have u ever used loops from this web
I am thinking about buying some packs.

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