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Friday, 17 December 2010

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol.18 - 09.05.92

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol.18 - 09.05.92
YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

Like fucking buses NOT 1 but 2 in one day !!!!

that is a fucking funky friday feeling if ever ive had one !

( is my fault youknow posted vol 17 last week but moved so i had no time to put it up )

YouKnow's words

Well its Friday & a very Snowy Friday @ that so lets make it a Phat Friday Feeling for you

Been Baning this all week & i must say 10/10 liking the Tune Selection on this Pure 90 minutes of Dope Tuneage from start to finish as for the mixing come on you know the Score by now Tight If 1992 Bizz is your ting do not miss out on this !!!!!!!

Chicknesh MFTM Forum Birthday Mix

Chicknesh MFTM Forum Birthday Mix

Words by Chicknesh

Here's a Hype tribute mix i've done ,all mixes are nicked off hype,so i tried to recreate some of my favourites

Tony Scott "I Know You Want It (Dance) "
Information Society "Running" Nest Remix
Twin Hype "For Those Who Like To Groove" Chicknesh Remix
Debbie Malone "Rescue Me" Dance Mix
Dionne "Come Get My Lovin'" Remix
Frankie Knuckles " Tears" Acapella
Afrika Bambata "Planet Rock"
Renegade Soundwave "The Phantom"
Doug Lazy "Let The Rhythm Pump" Chicknesh Remix
K.A Posse "Stick Music"
Octagon Man "Free-er Than Free"
Eon "Inner mind"
Shut Up & Dance "£20 To Get In"
Richie Rich "My DJ Pump It Up Some"
2 In A Room "Take Me Away"
Ultra Nate "It's Over"

This is fucking class

nice1 MUKKA


Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol.17 - 17.04.92

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol.17 - 17.04.92
YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

yet anther fucking top tape from way back when

nice1 to youknow as ever

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Trans4Mers - OldSkool V's New Skool 2010 Megamix

Trans4Mers - OldSkool V's New Skool 2010 Megamix

This set is what MFTM is all about

SO Get IT And Vote for it !!!!!

Words From Trans4mers

CALLING ALL FRIENDS OF TRANS4MERS some t*at has said on our letmix comp page that we have not mixed this set and we should be kicked out the comp!!!! This idiot has given us a low rating aswell that has dropped our 5.0 down 4.8.....PLEASE GO ON THE LINK AND RATE THE MIX WITH A 5....and maybe set this person straight!!!

MixesForTheMassesForum One Year Old Today

MixesForTheMassesForum One Year Old Today

So The story started....

Got into work, had a little hunt round web click on pearsontowers and BANG there it was PT had shut down !

FUCK !!!

The MFTM blog had been up for a month or so and i was happy with way it was going.
but was never much of a forum person was not my cup of tea but with loss of PT i thought was a perfect time to give it a go !

and so it was MFTM Forum was born !

so i started it took a while to get head round what the fuck i was doing and setting up but went online and within 2 hours of going online i had first member dunfyboy !

then within 3 days had the MFTM CREW Chicknesh YouKnow

the forum was started for people to have a place to upload fucking good music and have a bit of a laff

some people willing to get stuck in some people not

seems more ppl not willing than those that are but fuck me those that are i thank you we have had some music put up in here that i would never of got my hands on and not even known about !

the exclusive section now has over 300 rips that are nowhere else which is a fucking big thing to say over 20 years done the line on some of them THANK YOU !

so this my little piece to say a fucking massive thank you to you the MFTM Forum User

and an even bigger thank you to my partners in crime YouKnow & Chicknesh

so heres to the next 12 months


AKA Stussy_Daz MFTM est 2009

Monday, 6 December 2010

Johnny Scratch Vs Stanton Warriors

Johnny Scratch Vs Stanton Warriors

2 hours of breaks mixed and scratched up

1. Has It Come To This (Stanton Warriors Remix) - DJ Zinc Vs The Streets
2. Signatuned (Stanton Warriors Remix) - DJ Mehdi
3. Blue (Vocal Version) - Stanton Warriors Ft Gus Gus
4. Crosses (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Jose Gonzalez
5. Bang (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Rye Rye Ft M.I.A
6. Club Action (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Yo Majesty
7. In For The Kill (Stanton Warriors Remix) - La Roux
8. We Interrupt This Message (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Coburn
9. Good Vibrations (Stanton Warriors Remix) - The Beach Boys
10. Feel Good Inc (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Gorillaz
11. Toe Jam (Stanton Warriors Remix) - The BPA Ft Dizzee Rascal & David Byrne
12. Who`s Afraid Of Detroit (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Claude Von stroke
13. Rockit (Stanton Warriors Edit) - Sub Focus
14. Bring It On (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Goose
15. Break Me With You (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Cosmos
16. Pon Da Floor (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Major Lazer
17. Hands Up (Stanton Warriors Remix) - N Annan & E Solo
18. Know How (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Young MC
19. Precinct (Original Mix) - Stanton Warriors
20. Beggin` (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
21. Shifting Gears (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Plump DJ's
22. Rocker (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Alter Ego
23. Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Big Daddy Kane
24. Pop Ya Cork (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Stanton Warriors Ft Twista
25. Hope Time - Stanton Warriors
26. Blaze - Stanton Warriors

Mike Relm - Radio Fryer

Mike Relm - Radio Fryer

01 Top 5 Records
02 Get Funky
03 yaz faltermeyer
04 7 nation billie
05 amadeus is passing me by
06 beware of the jacksons
07 potpourri
08 autobiographical
09 my favorite peanuts
10 can you play jingle bells
11 looking for control
12 bizarre love
13 the promise
14 once in a lifetime
15 mc shy cobain
16 the way you move
17 1979e
18 jam
19 nightmare on relm street
20 private life
21 relm's big adventure
22 dead man's beetle
23 little girls
24 milhouse relm
25 fun with turntables
26 ain't goin' out like linus
27 award tour
28 foxey shell toes
29 they want it made
30 brand new funk
31 cool like dat
32 jump spreads out
33 maria berry
34 maria's cure
35 steppin' out
36 the compilation tape
37 relm and josie
38 that song
39 lobster boys
40 jungle boogie
41 magic man
42 i heart rock and roll
43 slippin', slippin'
44 gangsta gangsta
45 me, myself, and i against i
46 the band
47 love will tear us apart
48 she's lost control
49 these days
50 new dawn fades

Mixed Scratched Mashup Mix'y type thing from 2005

UK HardHop / Britcore 1990 - 1993 - Jerome Hill

UK HardHop / Britcore 1990 - 1993 - Jerome Hill

words from Jerome

I've been wanting to record this mix for a couple of years at least and have finally found the time and inspiration (getting my ears syringed) to do it..
This is the golden era of uk hiphop.. and massive respect is due to all the artists included on it.
All Vinyl, mixed on 2 x technics decks

Dookie Squad - 6 feet under
Blade - Lyrical Maniac
Lords of Rap - Where are you coming from
Kobalt 60 - Kaos from order
Ronin feat. Force & K.Zee - Who got the last laugh
Criminal Minds - Who is next for the graveyard
Blade - Clear the way
Gunshot - Interception squad
Dominant Force - Criminal
Killa Instinct - Bambi murders (beats)
Dominant Force - Taking over raga hip hop
Killa Instinct - The Bambi murders
MC Mell'o - Voodoo Khan
W.B.I. Red Ninja - Danger Zone
Silver Bullet - Bring forth the guillotine (DJ Beats)
Hardnoise - Mice in the presence of the lion
Hijack - The badman is robbin (instrumental)
First Frontal Assault - Atomic air raid (instrumental)
Hijack - The badman is robin (accapella)
Shut Up and Dance -
First Frontal Assault - Bloodfire Assault
Powercut Crew - Powercuts II
Blapps Posse - Bus it
Shut Up and Dance - Because of my vocals
Hardnoise - Untitled (instrumental)
SL Trooper feat. Sweet Pea - Movement (instrumental)
Hardnoise - Untitled (accapella)
SL Trooper feat. Sweet Pea - Movement
Silver Bullet - Ruff carnage
Demon Boys - Dett (remix)
Silver Bullet - 20 seconds to comply
Blade - Forward
Gunshot - Colour code (remix)
Killa Instinct - Un-united kingdom (instrumental)
Depth Charge vs Silver Fox - Silver dub feat. MC Alkaline

Right Click Save As Action :-

Friday, 3 December 2010

Dj Pogo ( 15 Min Mix ) Max & Dave - Kiss 100 Rap Show -1993

Dj Pogo ( 15 Min Mix )
Max & Dave - Kiss 100 Rap Show -1993

one of my rips

9T3 Styleeee

only 15 mins but class !

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