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Friday, 17 December 2010

Chicknesh MFTM Forum Birthday Mix

Chicknesh MFTM Forum Birthday Mix

Words by Chicknesh

Here's a Hype tribute mix i've done ,all mixes are nicked off hype,so i tried to recreate some of my favourites

Tony Scott "I Know You Want It (Dance) "
Information Society "Running" Nest Remix
Twin Hype "For Those Who Like To Groove" Chicknesh Remix
Debbie Malone "Rescue Me" Dance Mix
Dionne "Come Get My Lovin'" Remix
Frankie Knuckles " Tears" Acapella
Afrika Bambata "Planet Rock"
Renegade Soundwave "The Phantom"
Doug Lazy "Let The Rhythm Pump" Chicknesh Remix
K.A Posse "Stick Music"
Octagon Man "Free-er Than Free"
Eon "Inner mind"
Shut Up & Dance "£20 To Get In"
Richie Rich "My DJ Pump It Up Some"
2 In A Room "Take Me Away"
Ultra Nate "It's Over"

This is fucking class

nice1 MUKKA



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