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Friday, 17 December 2010

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol.18 - 09.05.92

Dj Dance Piracy Is Theft Vol.18 - 09.05.92
YouKnow MFTM Exclusive

Like fucking buses NOT 1 but 2 in one day !!!!

that is a fucking funky friday feeling if ever ive had one !

( is my fault youknow posted vol 17 last week but moved so i had no time to put it up )

YouKnow's words

Well its Friday & a very Snowy Friday @ that so lets make it a Phat Friday Feeling for you

Been Baning this all week & i must say 10/10 liking the Tune Selection on this Pure 90 minutes of Dope Tuneage from start to finish as for the mixing come on you know the Score by now Tight If 1992 Bizz is your ting do not miss out on this !!!!!!!


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