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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

MixesForTheMassesForum One Year Old Today

MixesForTheMassesForum One Year Old Today

So The story started....

Got into work, had a little hunt round web click on pearsontowers and BANG there it was PT had shut down !

FUCK !!!

The MFTM blog had been up for a month or so and i was happy with way it was going.
but was never much of a forum person was not my cup of tea but with loss of PT i thought was a perfect time to give it a go !

and so it was MFTM Forum was born !

so i started it took a while to get head round what the fuck i was doing and setting up but went online and within 2 hours of going online i had first member dunfyboy !

then within 3 days had the MFTM CREW Chicknesh YouKnow

the forum was started for people to have a place to upload fucking good music and have a bit of a laff

some people willing to get stuck in some people not

seems more ppl not willing than those that are but fuck me those that are i thank you we have had some music put up in here that i would never of got my hands on and not even known about !

the exclusive section now has over 300 rips that are nowhere else which is a fucking big thing to say over 20 years done the line on some of them THANK YOU !

so this my little piece to say a fucking massive thank you to you the MFTM Forum User

and an even bigger thank you to my partners in crime YouKnow & Chicknesh

so heres to the next 12 months


AKA Stussy_Daz MFTM est 2009


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