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Monday, 6 December 2010

UK HardHop / Britcore 1990 - 1993 - Jerome Hill

UK HardHop / Britcore 1990 - 1993 - Jerome Hill

words from Jerome

I've been wanting to record this mix for a couple of years at least and have finally found the time and inspiration (getting my ears syringed) to do it..
This is the golden era of uk hiphop.. and massive respect is due to all the artists included on it.
All Vinyl, mixed on 2 x technics decks

Dookie Squad - 6 feet under
Blade - Lyrical Maniac
Lords of Rap - Where are you coming from
Kobalt 60 - Kaos from order
Ronin feat. Force & K.Zee - Who got the last laugh
Criminal Minds - Who is next for the graveyard
Blade - Clear the way
Gunshot - Interception squad
Dominant Force - Criminal
Killa Instinct - Bambi murders (beats)
Dominant Force - Taking over raga hip hop
Killa Instinct - The Bambi murders
MC Mell'o - Voodoo Khan
W.B.I. Red Ninja - Danger Zone
Silver Bullet - Bring forth the guillotine (DJ Beats)
Hardnoise - Mice in the presence of the lion
Hijack - The badman is robbin (instrumental)
First Frontal Assault - Atomic air raid (instrumental)
Hijack - The badman is robin (accapella)
Shut Up and Dance -
First Frontal Assault - Bloodfire Assault
Powercut Crew - Powercuts II
Blapps Posse - Bus it
Shut Up and Dance - Because of my vocals
Hardnoise - Untitled (instrumental)
SL Trooper feat. Sweet Pea - Movement (instrumental)
Hardnoise - Untitled (accapella)
SL Trooper feat. Sweet Pea - Movement
Silver Bullet - Ruff carnage
Demon Boys - Dett (remix)
Silver Bullet - 20 seconds to comply
Blade - Forward
Gunshot - Colour code (remix)
Killa Instinct - Un-united kingdom (instrumental)
Depth Charge vs Silver Fox - Silver dub feat. MC Alkaline

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