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Sunday, 22 November 2009

DJ Hype & DJ Tek - Fantasy Fm -1990 - MFTM Exclusive

Cheers Daz for inviting me to his site!, gonna try n add to this quite often. Im going to be upping some fresh pirate radio station recordings from 89-91, the likes of fantasyfm,centreforce,friendsfm,sunrise,ravefm and dance fm. These stations were wicked back in the day and kept the headz going during the week and let everyone knw where it was kickin off at the weekends!, ul be seeing recordings of the likes of DjRap,Tek,Hype,Rhythm Doc,The Doctor,Krome,Bobby Jazz,G-Force,Mystery Man and Evil O etc. So keep checkin back, il be upping alot of the recordings i have collected over the years. As you know this stuff still sounds good today as it ever was! leave your comments, Hope u all get on it!....Safe.....Wookieboy

Dj Hype/FantasyFm/90/A

Dj Hype/FantasyFm/90/B

Dj Tek/FantasyFm/18/1/90


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