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Thursday, 7 January 2010

DJ Greg J's ( Aka BITD Kid Bippy ) OldSkool Collection

DJ Greg J's OldSkool Collection
i've been a massive fan of Greg j ( used to be called kid bippy ) for many years and been grabbing his sets for a fair few years now.
this post comes about by the way of a set called
which is not the great Liam at all it is Greg doing what he does best mixing cutting and scratching, the set was called Back To Rave
greg does more mashups now rather than oldskool mixes so these are pretty rare and wil niot be seen in many places on the web
the pirate revival mix is very rare and was only ever passed to the founding menbers of PR ( i was lucky enough to knock about with them back them so grabbed a copy ! )
each of the sets are as good as the next all hype sy fans you need these all in your life
so here we go

DJ Greg J - BreakBeat Prototype - I
DJ Greg J - BreakBeat Prototype - II
DJ Greg J - BreakBeat Prototype - III
DJ Greg J - BreakBeat Prototype - IV
DJ Greg J - OldSkool Mix
DJ Greg J - Class Is In Session
DJ Greg J - Live at Bassrush
DJ Greg J - Mix for Pirate Revival
DJ Greg J - Back To Rave
DJ Greg J - 1995 Anthems Vol 1
i have .rar all the sets into one file and upped it as could not be arsed to spend my day doing them 1 by 1 sorry but if you cant be bothered to wait to grab the full file then tuff titty's !
i have about another 10+ greg sets but are mash ups if people want them hit me up


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