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Thursday, 25 April 2013


Have to say this has not been easy desiccion to make but after 3 years MFTM will be stopping

Really should have stopped when i screwed up and deleted all the members but we gave it another shot, but lets be honest the forum is dying a death post numbers right down and seems admin / mods were spending more time deleteing spamming cunts then doing anything else

Have to give big shout to the users that have given so much over the last 3 years I'm not going to name names but if your yellow or orange or red or green then thank you

its always been about the music and it will alwasy be about the music my posting of sets wont stop but wont bere here

Youknow Chicknesh Top men thank you fella's told you before without you two this place would have stopped long time ago

so there it is after a quater of a million blog hits ( just under at 220,000 )

we came we saw we fucked off



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