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Friday, 4 December 2009

Ben Rubin - Bedroom Mix - 91 - MFTM Exclusive - GET THIS !!!!!!!!

Ben Rubin - Bedroom Mix - 91 - MFTM Exclusive
back in the day everyone wanted to be a bedroom Dj some were good most were of us were poor !
Ben was one of the class ones .. he moved away from his native plymouth to the states
( where as far as i know he still is working for the likes of stussy no less !! )
all i can say is the mixing skill of this guy are second to none
( not a lot of scratching if none at all but the mixing skills are unreal )
if you like this blog and what i have been upping then all i can say is get this
plenty of cracking tunage
plenty of anthems and plenty of unkowns !
mean it people if you like 91 era music then get this !!


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