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Friday, 4 December 2009

Pearon Towers R.I.P

with a heavy heart i can annouce right from the horses mouth that - is no more ! ( well for time being )
I emailed Jon asking what was going on as has been down for a couple of weeks today and got this back : -
Yeah, I've packed it in. At least for the time being.
Might be back, invite only, in the new year.
i'd like to say on a personal tip thank you jon for your hard work over the years cracking site and is the reason i started MFTM !
will be missed bigtime !!!! have a nice rest mukka you deserve it !
make sure you add your thanks to comments so can be passed on !


can't dj said...

gutted that pearsontowers is no more, best site on the web......bring it back by dope demand..........

can't dj

Anonymous said...

Such a good community & shame but everyone needs a break. Pls forward Jon my regards and keep up the good work MFTM.


Anonymous said...

It's a dark day for the mixtape community. Pearsontowers will be greatly missed.

crunchypants said...

What a bummer...I will miss Pearsontowers.
Thanks for all of your hard work over the years Jon.You did a fantastic job and created not only a killer website, but also a great community.I wish you farewell and hope to see another project in the future.


dj splitz said...

WHAT !!!!!! No more Pearson Towers, gutted :( Was one of my fav sites, will be greatly missed. Respect to Jon.

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